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The JubileeNews

Posted by Mrs Joyce Hoover Tue, June 05, 2012 09:04AM

I hope you’re ready for the Jubilee. I certainly am!
I’ve got 300 metres of best Poundland bunting, 150 union jack paper plates and cups, bendy plastic straws in red, white and blue, plastic forks and spoons (that are not bendy), royal doilies, loyal streamers, giant party poppers (plus one giant party pooper, which is my husband, Leslie!), Engelbert Humperdink horror masks for the grandchildren, not to mention a selection of hand-held flags to wave. (There – I have mentioned them, and I just said not to!)

What’s more, I’ve got enough Best of Both (medium) and ‘basics’ range sliced ham to feed the whole of East Sussex. Thank goodness the other ladies from the Hove Hanging Basket & Loose Cover Society have rallied round to help with buttering and cucumber-slicing duties. Mrs Baker, typically, has gone off at a tangent with a hare-brained scheme to make a life-sized effigy of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip in raspberry jelly.
What a spectacle that’s going to be! Her and her three sons (by different fathers) trying to carry it to the street party, having been in the pub all morning, no doubt. They’ll be wobbly enough already, without the jelly to cope with! It’ll be a miracle if they get it onto a trestle table without decapitating the royal pair on the bunting. And as I said to Mr Partlett at number181: It’s a health and safety nightmare: if this heatwave continues we could have a river of red running down the middle of Davigdor Road!

July madnessNews

Posted by Mrs Joyce Hoover Sun, July 17, 2011 08:55PM

Hello world!

This is a very quick message to all four corners of the globe to say that I've now got a new address out here in cyberspace. If you want to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm cooking up for my students, and where I'm performing The Mrs Hoover Show, you should go without delay to:

Of course I shall still be at home to callers at my earthly address, number 179 Davigdor Road, Hove, Sussex (keep an eye out for the name JOYLES in neon strip above the porch!)

STOP PRESS: Mrs Hoover Show dates

27th July

4th August

8pm at the English Language Centre

Palmeira Mansions




For ticket enquiries contact Dave Teasdale:

P.S. In October I shall be taking my life in my hands and setting off with Mrs Baker, and the other landladies from the East Sussex branch of the Hostmothers Guild, for a tour of POLAND! Imagine that! I've heard they do some interesting varieties of sausage over there, but I feel they need quite a bit of input in the pudding department. Watch this space!